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Buckingham Coolhand



  • An innovative device designed by Chris Clarke, an Occupational Therapist, that aids the carrying of warm plates

  • The Coolhand grips and releases the plate as simply as using your hand but avoids the risk of burnt fingers

  • It is ideal for transferring plates direct from the microwave to a working surface

  • It uses the power of leverage so that the entire hand takes the weight of the plate making it ideal for those with arthritis and limited hand dexterity

  • Suitable for use with plates with a rim thickness of up to 8mm

  • Should not be used for transferring plates from conventional ovens where plates can reach a very high temperature. Dishwasher safe to 65°C.

  • Dimensions Width 95mm (3¾"). Length 200mm (7¾"). Depth 25mm (1").