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Invacare® Carroll Bed



  • This fibre-composite deck will never rust or tear bedding. The composite material takes on the temperature of the mattress that it is resting on, preventing condensation build-up which usually occurs on most metal decks. The flat-pan design makes the deck extremely easy to clean, while increasing the life of the mattress by providing full and even support.

  • Carroll's unique two-piece frame is designed for convenient delivery and easy maintenance. It takes only minutes to assemble.

  • Hand Controls - Our 6-function Hand Control is completely fluid-proof, shock-resistant, and impact-resistant, ensuring durability. A standard hi-low lock-out switch restricts the hi-low function of the Hand Control.

  • Two-Piece Frame Construction. Carroll's unique frame is designed for convenient delivery and ease of maintenance. It assembles in just minutes.

  • Central Immbolization System. The Homecare Bed's Central Immobolization System raises the bed's caster off the floor. The bed is immobilized throughout its entire height range, providing additional stability.