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Easiflex® Pouch



  • Input from stoma care nurses resulted in a pouch that is particularly well-suited to people with an active lifestyle. The adhesive-based two-piece coupling of Easiflex makes it easy to apply the pouch to the base plate - and easy to remove again.

  • Hygienic and easy to clean

  • There are no edges, and the base plate can be quickly wiped clean when changing pouches

  • Soft and comfortable

  • The comfort of Easiflex pouch is due to the flexible coupling system. You can move freely without any inconvenience from base plate or pouch.

  • Safe to use

  • The Easiflex adhesive forms an effective seal agains the skin , and between the pouch and base plate. The special security channels makes Easiflex even safer to use.

  • Simple to handle

  • The Easiflex pouch is simple and easy to apply. To remove, just grip the base plate with two fingers and pull downwards.