Meet Kai

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Meet Kai

When searching for a role that would be more personally and professionally fulfilling, Kai found an opportunity at Motion. First in Thunder Bay, ON as a Service Manager, then leading a great team as Regional Manager in Vernon, BC and now as a Mobility & Accessibility Consultant working directly with therapists and clients in Trail, BC.

What drew you to Motion and where has your career taken you?

There is purpose and impact to the work I do every day. Knowing what Motion does is huge and being a part of that is amazing. I was in management at a railway company while simultaneously volunteering at Big Brothers, Big Sisters as well as Main Street Project. I wanted to feel a sense of impact with the work I was doing, and when an opportunity to join Motion in my hometown of Thunder Bay came up, I applied.  

A year later, I was the interim Regional Manager in Thunder Bay, and I spent time travelling in the region, getting to know the people at Motion, the clients we serve, and the providers we worked with. I was able to reach many new communities and expand our services as a result. When that term ended, I expressed an interest in moving to a location in BC. In February 2020, they flew me out to meet the Director and the teams in Kelowna and Vernon. That April I started as the Regional Manager in Vernon and was able to begin expansion into Kamloops just prior to moving on to my current role as a Mobility & Accessibility Consultant based in Trail, BC serving the Kootenay Boundary region. 

What is an example of the impact working at Motion has allowed you to have?

I was cross-training with one of our sales representatives, who happened to work closely with families and pediatric clients. We went to deliver a child their wheelchair and at the same time they were trying a sled for sledge hockey. He was moving around the floor using his hands, between the chair he played hockey in and then into the new wheelchair. The look of pure joy on his face and the overwhelming gratitude on his parents’ faces as he tried out his new wheelchair for the first time was indescribable. I was so glad to be a part of that experience, and to see him in the sledge was exciting!

What about Motion and your team in Vernon makes this a great place to work?

Motion as a company fosters a very supportive career development atmosphere. I was able to move up quickly and relocate when I wanted to. This made me feel valued for my hard work. There are onsite staff members with the ability to provide hands-on training, we have a learning portal dedicated to professional development, and we have great relationships with our equipment partners who offer external training on the devices we sell and service.

In addition to a fantastic team of collaborators and genuinely wonderful people, we can offer anyone who joins us the chance to give back to their community as part of their daily work. I would love to encourage people who want to make a difference in people’s lives to join us. Every day at Motion is a chance to make a positive impact, not just take home a paycheck.

How, as a leader, do you strive to live and demonstrate Motion’s values?

I strive to be an inspirational and influential leader, creating an atmosphere where everyone is happy to come to work and productive because they want to be. I believe in Motion’s values, and I want to foster an environment that aligns with that. I firmly believe it’s not just about them or me; it’s about all of us together and what we can do to make life accessible for our clients.

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