Arjo Maxi Sky 600 ceiling lift

Arjo Maxi Sky 600 ceiling lift

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Maxi Sky600 is a ceiling lift system that enables patients and residents to be transferred in a comfortable and dignified way. For the caregiver, it offers an easy-to-operate system that eliminates manual lifting.

A single caregiver can perform transfers quickly and efficiently, controlling all procedures with the handset. Maxi Sky600 saves time because it is always available for duty and within easy reach for the caregiver and, when it’s not in use, the unit takes up no precious floor space as it is discreetly out of sight at the recharging station on the overhead track.

Features :

  • Soft-start and stop motor control
  • Power-on indicator
  • Emergency brake system
  • Charger unit
  • Power indicator on charging module
  • Clip-on charger anywhere on the track
  • Protection class IP44 (handset)
  • Infrared remote control (optional)
  • Manual emergency lowering device (located on the motor cab)
  • Electrical up and down emergency buttons
  • Emergency stopping device (pull cord) accessible from the ground
  • Low-battery indicator (audible and visual LED)
  • Charging indicators
  • ABS FR casing (fire retardant)

The modular track system enables flexible solutions, so a track layout can always be optimized for your needs and the specific working space.
A complete range of loop or clip slings is available for use on the applicable 4-point or 2-point spreader bar. The Walking Jacket is also compatible.
The ideal ceiling lift for routine transfers of non-ambulatory residents. With a lifting capacity of 272 kg, it is also designed to help you meet the demands of handling heavier care facility populations in the future.

Technical Information:

  • Safe working load 600 lbs.
  • Unit weight (batteries included) 28 lbs.Length 15 3/4"
  • Width 10 1/6"
  • Height 7 3/8"
  • Strap Length Up to 2.3 m/90 "
  • Lifting speed 1.2"/sec. at 600 lbs., 1.6"/sec. at 440 lbs.,
  • 2.3"/sec. at 0 lbs.
  • Batteries 2x5 Ah will average 150 cycles (loaded at 75 kg/165 lbs.)
  • Adjustable horizontal displacement speeds 4, 6, 8, 10"/sec.. Preset at 8"/sec.